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Casa da Benfeitoria suggests an exciting tour exploring Porto on foot: Discover the Wonders of this Enchanting City


Exploring Porto on Foot: Discover the wonders of this charming city while walking through its historic streets, visiting beautiful viewpoints, being dazzled by the iconic architecture, appreciating the local culture and enjoying unique moments by the riverside.

estacionamento ribeira.jpg

To explore Porto on foot, we suggest parking in the Saba Ribeira car park, located on the riverside. 

Mirador da Vitória

1st visit

Victória Viewpoint:


Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view over Porto and the Douro River. Enjoy the enchanting landscape and take memorable pictures.

Igreja do carmo.jpg

2nd visit

Carmo Church:


A baroque church with a beautiful ornate façade. Explore the interior rich in architectural details and works of sacred art.

Interior view of Lello Bookstore (Livraria Lello) on of the most beautiful bookstores in t

3rd visit

Lello Bookshop:


Known as one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, Livraria Lello captivates with its unique architecture and impressive staircase. Note that there may be wait times to enter.

Torre dos clerigos.jpg

4th visit

Clérigos Tower:


An iconic landmark of the city, this bell tower offers breathtaking views of Porto. The adjacent Clérigos Church is also worth a visit. However, keep in mind that going up the tower can involve long queues.

mc Donalds imperial.jpg

5th visit

McDonald's Imperial:


Located in Praça da Liberdade, this McDonald's restaurant occupies a charming historic building. Take a break and enjoy a quick meal.

Estação de S.Bento.jpg

6th visit

São Bento Station:


Admire the beauty of the architecture of the São Bento train station, with its hand-painted tiles that tell the story of Portugal. It is a true architectural treasure.


7th visit

Majestic Cafe:


One of the oldest and most elegant cafes in Porto, the Majestic Café transports you to a bygone era. Enjoy a coffee or tea while enjoying the refined atmosphere. Keep in mind that there may be wait times due to popularity.


8th visit

Church of San Ildefonso:


An impressive church with a facade decorated with colorful tiles. Explore its interior and appreciate the artistic details.


9th visit

Cathedral of Porto:


The Sé Cathedral is an imposing landmark and an important religious site. Explore its Gothic architecture and enjoy panoramic views of Porto from the courtyard.


10th visit

Viewpoint of Ponte D. Luís:


Walk across the D. Luís I Bridge and enjoy stunning views of the Douro River, Ribeira and the city of Porto. We recommend visiting both during the day and at night, when the city takes on an enchanting illuminated atmosphere.

Jardim do Morro.jpg

11th visit

Morro Garden:


Situated in Vila Nova de Gaia, this garden offers stunning views of Porto. Relax and enjoy the scenery while enjoying a peaceful moment.

Ribeira V.N.Gaia.jpg

12th visit

Ribeira de Vila Nova de Gaia:


Explore the charming Ribeira de Gaia, where you will find restaurants, cafes and Port wine cellars. Enjoy the lively atmosphere and enjoy a walk along the river.

Ribeira do Porto.jpg

13th visit

Ribeira do Porto:


Return to Ribeira do Porto and enjoy the historic charm of this area. Explore the narrow streets, colorful old buildings and enjoy the relaxed riverside atmosphere.


14th visit

Infant Station:


End your journey by taking the famous vintage metro at Estação do Infante. Enjoy the experience of traveling in one of the historic tram cars and be enchanted by the beauty of Porto.


Discover the magic of the sunset in Porto. Before embarking on the thrilling ride back in the vintage tram, take some time to enjoy the breathtaking view at the mouth of the Douro River. As the sun sets over the horizon, witness the perfect fusion between the river and the Atlantic Ocean. It's a unique opportunity to enjoy a special moment before returning, with countless other idyllic spots available to watch the sunset along the way.

Remembering that opening hours and possible wait times may vary, so it is recommended to check the updated information before your visit. Enjoy your adventure exploring charming Porto on foot!


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