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Casa da Benfeitoria

Jacuzzi e piscina

Welcome to
Casa da Benfeitoria!

We are happy to welcome you to our rural accommodation.

We have created this page to provide you with useful and important information to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible. Here you will find instructions for accessing our Wi-Fi network, tourist guides, instruction manuals, useful directions, property rules and other relevant information that may be useful during your stay. Our aim is to ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay, and we are available to assist you with anything you may need.


Thank you for choosing Casa da Benfeitoria as your accommodation destination and we hope you have a wonderful stay with us!

Password do  WiFi

Our Wi-Fi is high speed and so that you have access to the network throughout Casa da Benfeitoria, there are several networks available with the name "Casa da Benfeitoria". All networks have the same password. Remember to enter the password on all available networks to ensure you have internet access anywhere in the house and gardens.

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Jacuzzi hours 

9:30 am / 8:00 pm

Quiet hours

November / March 

10 pm / 8 am


 April / October

 23h00 / 8h00

How to watch streaming channels with Mi TV Stick on your TV : Step by step"

  1. Connect the Samsung Series 4 TV and Mi TV Stick to the TV's HDMI port.

  2. Choose the desired streaming service.

  3. Select the user, which in this case is the name of the accommodation, to access the account.

  4. Choose the desired TV channel or program and start watching.

Remember that Casa da Benfeitoria offers high-speed WiFi throughout the property so you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming. If you need help with the instructions or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always on hand to help you.

Command Tv Streaming Services

Check out our recommendations and make the most of your stay!


Useful Services Guide

On this page, you will find useful information about the services available in the Casa da Benfeitoria area. From hospitals and pharmacies to supermarkets and recommended restaurants, our useful services guide is a valuable tool to help you make the most of your stay. Feel free to explore and discover the best options available.

Discover the Treasures of the Region

This page is a guide to discovering the region's treasures. Here you will find information about the most important monuments, the cities to visit and the recommended tourist routes. With our suggestions, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience in this region.

For each monument and city presented, you will find information about the history, characteristics and most important sights. Plus, we've provided links to pre-designed routes that will make your route easier and ensure you don't miss a thing.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover the beauty of the region with our suggested itineraries and monuments!

It is important to remember that the information presented on this page is just a suggestion and does not exempt you from consulting the official tourism services in the region, which will be able to provide more detailed and updated information.

Our Lady of the Olive Tree Church, historic center of Guimaraes
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Conduct and Manuals

Rules and Instructions clearly and prominently displays the conduct guidelines to be followed by the guests of the accommodations, together with the relevant instruction manuals.

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